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Good For Grandview is the collaborative effort of a growing number of residents and parents who are proud to call this community home. Between us we have attended all facility planning meetings; read all of the assessments, materials, and projections; and had many conversations with the administration and Board members to ensure that our perspectives are as informed as they possibly can be. 

Contributors include:

  • Elizabeth Bockbrader, Parent
  • Jeremy Brooks, Parent
  • Rick Kinsinger, Parent
  • Dot Davis Keil, Parent
  • Kathy Lithgow, Former President, Board of Education 
  • Brandon Lynaugh, Parent
  • Sarah Maggied, Parent
  • Steve McIntosh, Parent
  • Jon Murphy, Alum and Parent
  • Katie O'Shea, Parent
  • Bob Rutter, Parent
  • Mandy Simon, Parent