The Good For Grandview petition was closed shortly after the Board of Education voted to endorse the Financial Advisory Committee's $55.25 + 1.0 mill plan.

You can read the petition below and see who signed it here.  Good For Grandview organizers would like to thanks the hundreds of our neighbors who provided support for this effort.

Good For Grandview Petition


We urge the Grandview Heights Board of Education to develop a new facilities plan that is affordable and provides for critically-needed renovations in all existing school buildings.

We believe:

  • The community values the excellent education our district provides and wants to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all.
  • Many of our buildings are in need of immediate attention.
  • The District needs to present a plan that will win the support of the majority of voters.
  • The current plan is too big and too costly.

 We ask for a new plan that:

  • Prioritizes immediate repairs and accessibility in all buildings.
  • Details an affordable, long-term vision that includes sustainable funding for ongoing facility maintenance and operating expenses.
  • Accommodates the possibility of a significant increase in student enrollment.

A fiscally responsible plan that includes the retention, renovation and proactive maintenance of all our buildings will benefit not only the children of our district but the strength and well-being of our entire community.